What the H-LL 

What does it take to get people out , off their asses and to a show? We spend money on adds and nobody shows up. Sure we get 1000's of fans online, and there is always traffic on our site. But where are the real people? Where are all the bodies in the crowd, i remember from not to long ago? Comparatively we get heard ton more by a considerably larger numbers of people. Just not live. Should we advertise naked girls or free stuff? What does it take to get the people back out and fully alive? How did we get so cut of from each other? You know the part in "Dgango Unchained" were he says" Y'all want to see something" then he shoots the white slaver. Well that is what i feel like "Y'all wanta see somethin?" Well then come out and see us, Sal'tripin live! But if its impossible , and you are on the other side of the planet. Then go to our site or Google us, Sal'tripin, and see something real for once in your life.....And push the download button and get our new single!!!

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