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just like all the rightwing fever dreams  

your kidding? Brett is a rapist(did you pay no attention to the hearing?). the Russia thing is no hoax(didnt you read the Mueller report? its all in there). and it was trump that made this ukraine mess( havent you been watching the impeachment investigation and now trial for removal?). man look into thing stop letting the rich tell you whats is what. i have no love for the democrats either but they are a hell of a lot better than the gop. the gop doesnt hide their disdain for the average person. they are…

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Trump is a globalist traitor!   

Trump is a globalist traitor! He cares nothing for America. He said "take their guns then worry about the law" ya'll trumpers are idiots. I cant wait till we get to start the denazification and teach you all a lesson about were the power truly lies. and its not with you precious "job creators" its with we the people not the few super rich that ya'll worship. Wealth worship is a sin! So have fun burning in hell. We will be on earth feeling a different kind of burn. The healthcare is a human right burn. The…

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support a globalist con artist crook like trump   

Fox, GOP, InfoWars are all just tools the super rich elite use to trick the stupid and get them to blame the other poor folk for the sh-thole state of things. they get their followers to support a globalist con artist crook like trump with hateful rhetoric about evil globalists...??? and if you dont think trump is a globalist then your an idiot. he has investments all over the earth. this should and would be a major issue for anyone else. i mean the conflict of interest is outrageous in its scope.

Wealth worship and blaming the poor  

the gop is squashing small businesses while giving the super rich billion in handouts and tax breaks(socialism for the rich)... they suck!!! they are against everything america was supposedly about (liberty)... they hate individual freedom and have bloated the fed to gargantuan proportions to "police" the poor of the world while giving the huge multi-nationals free reign at polluting our land, air, and water. the gop is the party of the elite. not the elite that fuax news nutzz cry about. the intellectual…

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Healthcare is a right in most of the world but not here in the USA  

Then whats the hold up? I sure could use some medical attention before this illness i got kills me. had Obama care and it did no good, got denied.. would rather die than give another cent to the huge multi billion multi national "healthcare" insurance co.s just to get denied again...those murdering insurance profiteers and their apologist rightwing and the "centrist" phonies are working against the good of the people. They spread suffering and death by supporting the for profit "healthcare" system. And it…

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