Sal'tripin Says, A Daily look through Sal's eyes

What the H-LL 

What does it take to get people out , off their asses and to a show? We spend money on adds and nobody shows up. Sure we get 1000's of fans online, and there is always traffic on our site. But where are the real people? Where are all the bodies in the crowd, i remember from not to long ago? Comparatively we get heard ton more by a considerably larger numbers of people. Just not live. Should we advertise naked girls or free stuff? What does it take to get the people back out and fully alive? How did we get so cut of from each other? You know the part in "Dgango Unchained" were he says" Y'all want to see something" then he shoots the white slaver. Well that is what i feel like "Y'all wanta see somethin?" Well then come out and see us, Sal'tripin live! But if its impossible , and you are on the other side of the planet. Then go to our site or Google us, Sal'tripin, and see something real for once in your life.....

Come on!! 

Wow am I ever sick of puritanical, fascist, right wingers that are fat and miserable telling me I am evil. Do they know how dumb they look? Have they forgotten why we fought the 2nd world war? I know that they are a minority and its just the media blowing them up to look bigger than they are just to help control the people and hold on to the power that gives them so much pleasure. But still, how can anyone think that the rich are going to do the right thing, or that your community is your enemy? We all want pretty much the same thing. To live out our lives in as happy and non stressful manner as possible. So why all the hate? Hate takes to much effort. It will eat up you life. For hundreds if not thousands of years we have known better. Yet here we Are as separate and downtrodden as ever. We should be able to look back into history and learn but for some reason we don’t. Never again was what they said. What happened? End the war on the human spirit.

Wow!! That's how it is done!! 

We are always looking for reasons. Reasons for this life and the hope that goes with it. As long as things make sense everything is O.K but as soon as something unexplained comes up we go head over heals. Fear of the things we don't understand can drive us to some very crazy ends. When all of us want the same basic things, yet separated by our views we are left to struggle through alone. When we come to a fork in the road we are most likely to take the familiar rout. When a fork in the road is the difference between life and death, then what do we do? Will the path be recognizable? How do you know the way forward is not the short path to a terrible end? How is it that political/religious convictions can be so narrow? When most will gladly fight (kill/die) for them, but never take the time to study/question, learn/discover their precious beliefs (Faith). Faith is not blind obedience. It is trusting your and your philosophy enough to truly understand it. Other wise your "Faith" is just ignorance. 

Imagine all the ......... 

Pride breeds prejudice and the whole idea of race is crap. We no mater what we think we are, are not a race or creed we are people. The reality is that we are all mixed up figuratively and genetically. So if been pure, like the Nazis claimed to be is a myth, a "pure" race is bull. Their is no such thing and it is an impossibility. A large and diverse gene pool is what is best so the "pure" race would end up inbred. I grew up in Ut. and there were some down the street, they were all messed up. Every time i hear people boast about their race or their righteousness i think of those poor kids. If you think you are special or righteous or whatever then your are not. Being right is the first step to being wrong. Humility, empathy, understanding, and giving are not righteous acts there are just everyday life. Being a good person does not make you any better a person in the big picture. 7 billion good people on the other hand. Imagine as John Lennon put it. Wow how would that be? 7 billion good people?