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We are Still Working At "It" 

Sorry i haven't been able to write or even update the page for a while. Me "Pat" and Cory both had to get Pizza jobs and have been working a ton. Sal'tripin is still working building pedals, running Sal-tripin llc, the Sal'tripin Store on E-bay and we have played at quiet a few clubs, (The Dawg Pound, Barbary Coast to name a couple) since my last update. I "Pa jr" Have been playing with my other band "Jordan River Band" a ton. We are all going to keep on keepin' on so don't forget to check in from time to time and please if at all possible donate, go on E-bay and check out the stuff and even buy one of Sal'tripin Pedal Co's O/D pedals or something else that suits your fancy, come to a show if your in Salt Lake, and by all means tell your friends...


Well we are broke, and will be on the street soon if things dont change. Please, if you can HELP!!!!

wHAT THE ---- 

Killed it last night at Devils Daughter, and that's just the beginning. We will be playing "Uncle Bart's" this Friday...Nov. 13!!! Come down and see something real for once in your life!!

The 5th 

Played the 5th last night, and wow! You wana see something? Come see us on Nov 14 at Uncle Barts..

We really Did it!! 

The set at "Devils Daughter" was just a taste of whats to come Fri Oct 23rd at "The Fifth" be there and you will see something out of this world!!!

Sal'tripin Means to go down hill, or heading south. Its is also a place or a state of mind

About Us

 Sal'tripin , Salt Lakes premier Rock Band. Jamming up and down the Salt Lake Valley playing beloved rock covers, original , and improvised music since 2010. Influenced by the creative acts of the 60s and 70s sal'tripin is always pushing the norms rock bands are often tied to. We are never stale performing new sets, killer jams, and giving the crowd an exiting experience they will talk about for years to come. Sal'tripin is determined to be an act that people will remember," the greatest band ot the 21st century". 

  Pat jr on guitar and vocals. Pat has been playing for 30+ years. As a child Pat was deeply moved by the playing and stage show of Jimi Hendrix, the melodic, sweet emotional playing of George Harrison, the precision and speed of Van Halen, the raw soul of Neil Young. Pat has honed his own style. Taking the best from all the players and making it his own.

  Cory on bass and vocals. Cory and Pat have been making music, forming bands, and jamming nearly everyday for 15+ years. His bass playing is heavy on the Mingus, soaked in Waters, and getting down with Collins.

    Bill on drums. Steady and a great listener Bill has foresight and can keep it up with the best. A Dynamic Force that will make you move.  

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