We are Still Working At "It"

Sorry i haven't been able to write or even update the page for a while. Me "Pat" and Cory both had to get Pizza jobs and have been working a ton. Sal'tripin is still working building pedals, running Sal-tripin llc, the Sal'tripin Store on E-bay and we have played at quiet a few clubs, (The Dawg Pound, Barbary Coast to name a couple) since my last update. I "Pa jr" Have been playing with my other band "Jordan River Band" a ton. We are all going to keep on keepin' on so don't forget to check in from time to time and please if at all possible donate, go on E-bay and check out the stuff and even buy one of Sal'tripin Pedal Co's O/D pedals or something else that suits your fancy, come to a show if your in Salt Lake, and by all means tell your friends...

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