Trump is an idiot!! 

25th amendment!! this guy is nutzzz. trump is treasonous!! he is destroying everything that was fought and died for by all american soldiers .. the authoritarian republican party is against the people and for greed not freedom... and trump is more than stupid he is mentally stunted not just his intellect but all his brain functions are. On top of that the idea that anyone would follow or believe this bumbling buffoon is insane. he is the worst most transparent liar ever . trump is proof that the american way of building up the wealthy is wrong. having rich kids is almost guaranteed to lead to stupid adults after being kowtowed to and worshipped by so many. What an idiot Trump is. How bad will things get before the traitorous GOP will rein him in? The greed of the few is about to destroy all the gains of the last 200 years... And trump is the end for freedom and the american way.. His greed and lust for power will be the final straw that will break all of our backs..............

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