Throw it all away...

When our grandparent were young they used to maintain their stuff. Fixing, sharpening, and doing all kinds of up. Now we just "throw it in the gutter and go but another" to quote NWA. The respect given an object. The importance given to some of the things we posses has fallen away. That loss, that lack of respect has spread across our whole way of life. Just think about a razor. A razor. You use it once of twice then toss it. Back in the day they had to use one razor, and they had to keep it sharp and clean for years on end. Even big things like cars are no longer built to last. Built to fail is the norm for just about every product you buy. Mean while land fills overflow and burn plants pump our garbage into the air. While stupid arguments on climate change get repeated over and over, of-course you effect the climate. How could you not? Respect for life seems like it should be a given, but i see so much waist and the ignorance that is wasting our greatest gift. life

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