this is going wrong, all wrong 

kids in cages, millions of nonviolent "offenders" in jail and then they will be punished for the rest of their lives, wealthy criminals that cause millions of deaths are rewarded not punished, the poor being targeted by police for the most trivial "crimes" like jaywalking, failure to pay fines or show up in court, or thought crimes like getting high. or trying to control a woman's right to choose. this is what authoritarianism looks like. get the government out of the personal business of "we the people". it should be keeping the super rich inline not telling the poor how to live their lives. the rightwing is authoritarianism , no if ands or buts. They are an authoritarian/anarchist bunch that thinks government cant work yet want strict policing and an overreaching "legal system", and a giant military/military industrial complex. the right has grown the government many levels of magnitude greater than the "left" in this country would ever dream of. then their is the corporate democrats. they are just rightwing lite. owned by the same super rich "donors" that own the republicans. the real "left" just wants to give everyone a fair shake. the "left" don't care what you do in your personal life. they only get involved if you are hurting someone or causing general problems that effect us all. the right wants to tell you how to live your life down to the smallest act. they want to tell you who you can love and how you can show it. the right is also the party that fought for the big tobacco companies and helped to keep seat belts out of cars for decades while millions suffered and died. the right is also the party of child labor and unsafe working conditions. oh and dont forget the corporate armies that would enforce the "employers" wants, with violence. the only thing, the one "thought", or "ideal" the right actually believes in is greed.the one thing they act on everytime is greed. anything to make the super rich few in the "donor" class even richer is their party line. from lead in the air and water to phen phen and thalidomide their greed is destroying everything good in exchange for a number in someone's bank account. Beat The Rich!!!

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