The Trip..........

The world is full of apathetic, depressed, and just plain down and out people. Some are victims, others are not. Some feel entitled, some don’t. But they are all going nowhere. Being stagnate is one of the most toxic and destructive behaviors we have. Some fall into a deep depression and feel that there is way out. The way is the way out. Just having a purpose and actively trying to achieve that purpose can be a major lift and can make you feel much better. Having goals helps but it is in the attainment of those goals and the hours of work involved. Reaching for the stars can leave you disappointed some keep your feet on the ground. Keep your dreams alive and never give up. The world will not give you a free ride and it will be a lot of work. You may need help. Nothing wrong with that. Most great things take many people to make them a reality. It all starts with someones idea. Making ideas into reality is just like making a good, happy life and no one is incapable. 

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