The point of everything???

Is there anything more exciting than achievement? When you actually reach one of those sometimes lofty and unattainable goals, that’s when you are truly alive. in the instant of its inception its “creation”, at the point of conception, and in the hours of work in its completion. Those are the times in which our true potential is realized. To be willing to set yourself up for so much hardship and toil just so you can, for an instant be the person you have always felt you were meant to be. Even when you are the only soul on earth that cares or even knows or understands what it means to have done what you set out to do. Is it always going to be a walk in the park? No. But its  not very interesting to live, day to day it is really quite droll and from the outside most of us look pretty lame. But sit down and have a real discussion with anyone about their dreams, their goals, or even just a bucket list and you will find a passion that sparks deep with in us all, and when you get down to gist of things, that passion keeps the whole thing going and is the closest thing we have to an answer to the age old question. What is the point of it all?

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  • Natasha


    To achieve, and smile😊

    To achieve, and smile😊

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