the impeachment is going to fail....

the idiots on the right will never understand these charges. they dont get these high minded ideals.. the republicans have no concept of accountability , truth, or any of the deeper things like knowing the difference between a sh-t and a hole in the ground.. heck they dont even know what truth or facts are..they even think we "believe" this media corp. because they "believe" fox corp. and the 24 hour corporate commercial they run. the real dumb ones even thought a spoiled born rich a-shole like trump was going to "make america great again". what did they think it was then? so impeachment is a farce. the dems know that the republicans dont understand the weightier things. that means the dems are trying to lose.just like in 2016 the dems are trying, on purpose, to lose. when the right got so immoral and crazy a few member quit and had nowhere to go. they have joined the "left" and subverted it, maybe? or, since they are bought and paid for by the same donors then just maybe those "donation" are effectring policy? either way the "political" spectrum is not well represented in the usa. after the mass arrests and deportations of the past its no wonder the right has become the only "mainstream" way to be..the closest thing we even have to real "communists" are "progressives" and they are all pretty sold on capitalism and dont want to meddle in markets or do a "planned" many laws have to be broken before they "equal" branch of gov. will act in good faith to rein in this wannabe despot before he becomes a real one?

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