The Heat is ...

My eyes filled with burning sweat, everything swirls into a burr of swirling color, knees like rubber, Dreams run in and out of reality pushing the bounds of what can be. The heat from the rocks wells up in a whoosh of steam, sizzling and popping in a hole in the center of a low domed canvas lodge. In the darkness the lines between dream and real melt away. The lodge is like a womb to be reborn from, the womb of the mother earth. One day it will be hot like that everywhere. Only a few degrees keep us from extinction. The signs of climate change are all around. Trees are dieing at faster and faster rates. People and animals are not immune, over 1000 people died this week in India due to high temperatures. In the sweat lodge your breath is hot enough to burn skin, if you blow air at your hand it will burn. Now just think about how it would be if the world keeps heating up.

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