The feeling is so ..

If you don’t have a passion in life your missing out. Music, art, writing, love, something, something to make it all worth while. I wake grateful to know that i can play guitar, write a song, or just jam. Being involved in the moment, pocketed in a groovy lick has to be what heaven feels like. The wonder and excitement i have for music has and will never wain. I love it more and more all the time. Knowing that i have persevered threw all the hard times and kept on trying even when life itself seems impossible makes me feel like a success even with out the money and adoration. The music is enough. The ability to share my feelings with others, making people feel something threw the music is something i hold dear. The greatest thing i could accomplish is just to be heard. So even with very little money, low grade recordings, and no experience in the "music biz" we are striking out on our musical trek threw this life. So I will synch up my bootstraps and see where it goes.

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