That'll Be...........

How much are you willing to pay to make your dreams come true? Is it the same when you are not recognized by your peers whether it be financial or moral support? Is your dream important to only you? For the most part my dreams have all come true said for one , and that’s the dream of recognition for my art. Sure we get a large amount of traffic on the web 1000000's of listeners(a good % is organic but mostly paid) is amassing to me but when you have to pay for people to hear you it seems a bit false. But that has not stopped me, I would and have spent my last buck so people could hear my guitar. Luckily for us (Sal'tripin) we have been blessed with a lot of fans from the get up, and more all the time. Being that I do feel somewhat obliged by the paid reach of a song or post, but it is the comments, and re-shares, and the fans that give me a feeling of accomplishment. I do understand that every band from The Beatles to P didy or whomever had to buy their success at first. Songs are bought into the charts all the time so me spending 200-1000$ on advertising to promote a song is nowhere near the kind of cash spent by the huge acts of old and a fewer and fewer huge new acts that we know as "stars" "Stars?" We think of rock stars as being quite rich yet the majority of "Rock Stars" are not anything like rich, in fact i have never met a "Rock star" that was that well to do.(and i have met a few) So what does it mean the be a success as a band? If its listeners and fans then we have arrived. If its all about making money then we are huge failures up to this point. We have started looking at this as a business and the projections are grand. Projections have never been a very good way for me to get ahead and i try to stay in the moment, but to keep Sal'tripin afloat I, We have to open our minds. In this Old West industry they call "The Music Business" it is very cruel, and can be overwhelming and quite disconcerting at times, but its the best job i ever had.

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