School Days..

Hate and greed were an unknown experience, that is until i was introduced to Public schooling and organized religion. Ever since the first day of school when I found out there were Mormons, Republicans and HATE. Being hated, belittled, ridiculed for my views/religion was shocking. I had always known love and kindness. And it made me think. lots of time to myself, Kicked out of every grade, failed by the public schools. I had allot of time to study and question things. While they puzzled over me, hooked me up to machines. Given test, puzzles, then in-between their questions too run on a treadmill. Then telling me i am a Genius with a 162 I.Q. All the time this is telling me that i am different. Different, that could and did sometimes way on me but i persevered and made something of myself. I am a Guitarist/Vocalist.
The Front-man for a killer band "Sal'tripin" just about to make our first album. I think that in the long run all the prejudice and torture made me smarter, stronger, and kinder, more accepting. Thanks for having me in as a friend and a wish of peace and love too you all. Pat Jr " Sal'tripin "




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