Remove Trump!!! 

Impeachment will pass, but that means nothing. The senate will bend over for trump so of course they will not remove the crook no matter what crimes he commits. If they actually cared about law and order or the constitution they wouldn't be rightwing authoritarians in the first place. Because of being impeached his worshipers will be so hurt. But that's about it. I mean he is their golden cow, well orange cow. That's right, sinners, everyone of them. Trump followers are full of themselves and full of sh-t. They are liars and the hate freedom, and just like all authoritarians they are pussies... only the biggest of pussies needs authoritarian rule. In "dealing" with their fear filled delusions the rightwing nutzz will blame and deflect but will never come up with any answers, any ideas to make the society better. Then while claiming patriotism they sell their loyalty to multinational corporations and the globalists , like trump and trump co. They also claim to be more righteous and more moral but their "philosophy" is anti-thought, anti-reality, and anti-fact. It is "bases" on whatever lies their super rich masters tell them and deep down they know it. You see freedom is for real, backbone sporting human beings not the spineless yes men that are the GOP and the corporate dems too. The wealth worshipers on the right are all going to burn in hell...and so are the super rich elites that are ruining this world for a few more dollars. And if we don't stop them they will burn the world too..... Beat the rich!!

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