Playing the Fool..

As he reared up, his long powerful head swung back and forth with the most staggering of speed. Only an animal of such extreme proportions could be so frightening. Like a Juggernaut plowing its way threw life, everything is left broken and unusable. The vast numbers of victims in its wake could only be eclipsed by the number of future victims yet to be devoured. The lucky go quick but most are doomed to constant chewing, then regurgitation, and more chewing. Over and over the cycle continues, more grist fro the mill, fresh meat, more fuel for the fire. Oh so readily they line up to be trampled and stepped on be the idols of their chosen. The feeling of disappointment and depression have become the norm. No hope remains, and the apathy is pervasive. Like a plague spreading over the globe, it has spread the hopelessness and feelings of failure to all the corners of the world. All of us are subject to all sorts of indignities, from the most petty little insult to the worst , most heinous torture. The constant hate and violence is an extremely dangerous and is a very prolific beast that will undermine our happiness, freedom, threaten our existence and ruin our world. The next time it raises up its head, its horribly ugly head don’t be a fool and become a hater too, don’t let it eat you alive, and don’t get caught with you pants down. Being able to recognize the truth and beauty of life and to go without being tricked into doing the dirty work of the rich and powerful can be quite the task but the pay off is huge, Freedom.

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