On the Red Rocks

When I was about 16 I had a near death experience. Not like I died and saw god, More like I was inches from eminent death. 200 feet in the air, not tied in and on the verge of slipping in the sweat covered Las Vegas heat. It's the third time in about half an hour that I am pushing the envelope, reaching past what normal and into a fear fueled insanity that I never really got over. Even to this day, out of the blue a sound, a smell, hell I don't know what does it but all of the sudden I am there again, as real as can be. (at least my body thinks so) hanging from my fingers with nothing to stand on. Shaking, sweating, fear of …...fear of??? Hum???/ well there where two things that kept me from losing it, from freaking shit and falling to my death. They were “ I would never play guitar again.” the other was “ I didn't want my Ma to have to go through that.” Not fear of death or fear of pain. Only Mom and Guitar....It took me ten years to get back on the rock but I am a way better climber for it...


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