Love and Change

When I see all the injustice and strife in the world I am completely disgusted. How do the rich and powerful live with the knowledge that people are starving, animals are going extinct, and the earth is becoming a cesspool? Do they care? I have always tried to minimize my footprint on the earth. Not being part of the problem is very important to me and even with very little its still hard to keep from being complacent. Where do you begin? Recycling and using green energy are a great place to start. Not spending your money with companies that are not taking part in the solution. Just pulling your head out of the sand will start you down the path. Once you can see whats going down you will be compelled to do the right thing. You are the one you have to live with. Can you live with the weight of the world on your solders? Of-course not. You can pich in. Because together we can do anything.

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