Kids will be ?

Things have really changed since i was a kid. Things we did for fun would end you up in prison these days. Even the things they let us get away with at school, we sold weapons, knives, throwing stars, Bow staff....... all in the open in the class or in the hall, at school in the late 80s early 90s. One day my older friend came to pick me and a friend up after school to go shooting. With a 16 gauge pump action shot gun he walked right into the school threw the main doors with the vice principal and kids all around and most of them didn't bat an eye. Try that know and it would be allot different. Now big brother is right their just a click away. Everyone has a phone/camera/network at the tip of there finger.  People are scared of everything and get up in arms over the dumbest stuff. Hate speech is the new "news". In allot of ways it reminds me of those days, out on the playground, everyone screaming, running a muck.  I wonder what the kids will end up like. Will they have what it takes? Will they even have a chance? We will see..

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