Joy in life..

Seeing the sun rise, feeling a warm breeze, smelling the flowers. How can you forget? Is it worth it to stress and strain, just to survive? Was it always this bad? Questions we have always pondered. Its not greener on the other side but the journey over there is freakin' wonderful. The trip is the point. Being in motion threw time, not stagnating,wasting the only life you have. The joy and intrigue is in the finding of new things and experiences. Do you live for you or do you live for someone else? What makes you happy? do you make others happy? So many think its fun to hate. They get a rush, or thrive of the anger. Anger is a secondary emotion. What made you angry? Don't let the rich fool you into hate and anger. Address the hurt which comes before the hate. People are mad at all kinds of stuff. Why are you angry? Most people are angry because they are poor. Finances are the source of stress for everyone, at least everyone i know. How about you? Ever met a rich person? A real rich person, not someone that has allot of stuff on credit. The bank owns most people. Who owns you?

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