I little HELP Please

Everyone needs a hand once in a while. What do i have to do to get a album made? I have been playing guitar for my whole life 37 years and i have wanted to record all that time. I now have the songs and the tech knowledge to do it. I just need a studio. I plan on buying the stuff i need to build a studio and its not to expensive. But I have been poor my whole life. Not to lack of work. Its just that everyone is hard up. Anyway i have saved up money for years and its getting closer but still i am unable to afford it on my own. So i am looking for investors. Sal'tripin llc  is ready to take over the world. We just need an album recorded. Well I am saving up and I will get there eventually. life is so short and i freaks me out. I need to get my songs recorded, "they are great songs" It would be a shame if i, well you get the idea. The music is happening and thing are bound to get done. I just really have allot of faith in the songs and i know that we can do it. Now if we can just pull it all together. "We" It is a group effort so if you would like to be a part of it let us know. Maybe together we can reach higher and do more. 


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