Hell on earth... 

a choice? god i wish i had some of those. i have lived in a rightwing authoritarian hell for 40+. surrounded by people that want to rule over all. who are better than, yet miserable,they hate freedom and squash it wherever they find it. they hate love and deny it to those they do not understand.. if i could afford to leave, man, ide get out of here so quick your head would spin. but i cant afford to live here let alone leave. when you are the other you are f-cked and there is no choice involved. at least in this rightwing mecca. what a bunch of hate filled perverts these republican puritans are. these super "religious" "christians" are full of it. what a thin "philosophy" they claim to embrace. the lack of thought that they claim has so much wisdom. the revelry in their own ignorance, not even giving it a second thought. lair and perverts. chilid molesting racist and still "beter than", well, according to them. sabotaging the other while claiming the christ. my advise is to go to iran and see how you get along when you are the other. and all the while doing for the few, the couple hundred super rich, the slave masters. turning out their brothers, their fellow poor folk. blaming the immigrant for low wages like the immigrant signed their tiny pay checks. with their nose so far up their bosses ass they can"t see the forest for the trees. anyway the human race is on track to be thew shortest lived and most destructive animal nature ever cam up with, and we think we are so special...ha ha ha what a laugh... And push the download button and get our new single!!!

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