The effect of mass media on pop culture is a well documented. The effect of the mass media on long established social groups and religions is not so much. Should we start with the most popular of all social occasion, Christmas. Christmas mass dwindling in pop culture of the 19th century. Till an add campaign for Coke pushed Christmas into the modern form we are all so familiar with. All the so call Religious Holidays are pretty unfamiliar from their older incarnations. What would Easter or Halloween be without all the consumerist media plastering the walls and blasted from the rooftops. Still even with all the noise does the “true” meaning for the celebration still remain? Can we find anything of the old spirit in these stress fill shopping malls? I hear allot about a “war on Christmas” from people that have ruined the spirit of not only Christmas but everyday. Even missing the most simple of the messages given by the guy their big day is supposed to be for, the message of humility and being humble. Hate is not humble. Don't let the hateful trick you into doing their will.  


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