gullible people like UFOs 

candles in paper bags. its a very old tradition and looks, to gullible people like UFOs. Hell if they ever claim that aliens not "illegal aliens" but space aliens are "attacking" or "invading" then its a trick, part of a cold war plan that was dreamed up to get martial law instated, besides there are no galactic or intergalactic lifeforms. Time and space are much to vast to make interstellar travel nothing near worth the effort. all the grandiose alien crap is just more sleight of hand designed to distract and confuse. the real news should be that democracy died and that their are a few very rich people that are hoarding everything while billions of people suffer. Will our species ever grow up or will we be the shortest lived and most destructive species ever? The rich and powerful few are "profiting" from the death and suffering of billions and people still worship them and their "wealth" and in turn the destruction of ourselves has become their religion. Its a self for filling end of the world cult that worships wealth and power in the name of Jesus. Yep Jesus a homeless dude from a story that had strange lights in the sky too.

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