Been watching the trail and sorry but the republicans are really bad. They are going to turn this country into an authoritarian shit hole. Well even worse of an authoritarian shit hole than it is now. The republicans push to end any individual freedoms that are left is almost complete and when they remove the last tiny restraints from the idiot trump watch as freedom of choice is gone forever. Just look at all the thought crimes the republicans cry about. Not standing for the pledge, not standing for the anthem, getting high, prostitution, burning the flag, loving someone of the same sex, the list goes on and on. Hell i cant even worship in my own way even though it harms nobody. The republicans work for the super rich elites and against we the people. And i dont mean smart people. When i say elite i mean the financial elite. You know the real criminals. The ones that are to blame for most of the societal ills,and not just rich people i dont care about a couple million. i mean billions. Billion is a number most people cant even try to wrap their heads around. Billions is to much. Its a direct showing of our failure to provide a better wold or at least country for everyone not just the few...

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