G G G God?

Who decides how we can worship? How do they justify infringing on an others right to worship? I make no secret that i used to take "Entheogens" as part of my church. I also make music, and Love....I also believe it to be the first and only true " religion" Sex, Drugs .and Rock 'n' Roll. You may think it a joke. Its not. The first documented "Religion" in history is small mushroom figurines and pouches of Herbs, Psychedelic herbs found on mummies. The connection between music and "god" are also quite apparent, people sing in church and always have since before there was a church. Finally sex we all can attest to the spiritual nature of sex. Therefore 2+2=4, your church probably is some kind of offshoot or copy of mine, "The First and True Church." Yet I had to stop taking drugs one of the main tenants of my "religion" all because some government code. i didn't get popped or ruin my life. I just had to protect the other tenants of my "church" so i quit. Maybe one day “religious freedom" will be a reality but till then music and sex will do.


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