City on Fire

Baltimore is burning and so is the national hate speech that never stops. Some say the rioters are "thugs" others say they are justified. Poor on Poor hate and violence are not the answer. Solidarity between the people is the only way. Anyone that says hate and violence are the answer is part of the problem. The reason we are all so pissed is simple. Its directly connected to our cash flow. If teachers, cops , and even burger flippers could survive on their income then i bet you would see allot less strife. The wealth gap has never been greater. The power is dealt to a very small group of super wealthy, a  group invisible for the most part to the rest of us, living in another world, cutoff from the rest of us. if you had some chance at making a living, a way to better things, a promotion, a raise, but no, some people will complain and say "earn a raise" but that’s old school there are less and less raises and promotions, you're lucky to even have a job. Hard work used to be enough to get by on. Now you will be digging alot of ditches and still be poor as dirt. So i can empathize with the rioters. I have been harassed more that anyone-100s if not 1000s of times. Yet i still don’t go for hate and violence. They are the problem not the solution.



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