Been a while.. 

Still at it, living the dream.... Just in as much need as always. I work harder than anyone I've ever seen. I've had more jobs than you can imagine, for less money that you can shake a stick at(5$-12$ gross per hour take home is around half of that, no joke). Doing all kinds of things. From the Burn Plant where I burned body parts, organs, fetuses, road kill. To the factory floor pushing a button over and over. Been the CEO of a Corp. Worked 1 day at a meat packing plant, yuck that was almost as bad as the burn plant. Done concrete, stucco, sliding, framing, finish carpentry, digging diches, jetting sewers, jack hammered for a summer, pizza driver, ran a few kitchens, fry cook, dish washer, trash sorting, ran a warehouse, Been a prepper/picker/staging at a warehouse, flipped burgers at all the big fast food joints. remodeling, demolition.... And lot more. I've done it all, and always end up screwed. I am still happy and loving life but all the bill collectors seem bummed out.. Well I've got millions to make and a world to see so I am asking for a little Help. Anything anyone can think of? Well there is the band "Sal'tripin" with is the thing I have done the whole time and its the thing I am best at, even maybe "good" at. There are other things like "Sal-tripin llc" that is my musical passion combined with as much capitalism as I can pull off, and its been good and its got potential to be huge if the right people get involved. I've also been killing the stock market but with no buying power I am stuck earning dollars instead of hundreds of dollars. Anyone that knows me knows I don't mess around. I haven't lowered my ideals and I worked for the little I have. I don't want to end up old and broke but I am sure I would still be happy. I just don't think my potential is being tapped by the greater society. I just want what everyone else wants, to earn a living, less suffering, to be treated half decent, and to do no harm. And push the download button and get our new single!!!

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