I want to talk with you about time. Time and the relativistic nature of time, not good old Albertos theory. I mean our relatively short perception of time and our lack of experience within it. First I ask you this. Do you remember the passing of time before your birth? Think of it like this. Your first thought, I was in the whom and had just formed tows. The feeling of wiggling them is my first memory, but I don't recall the passing of any time before that. Yet I see evidence that time was passing .Now will you feel the passing of time after death? That’s debatable, but I was dead before I was born and I have no proof that it will be any different. Everyone know what it's like to be dead. We were all dead before we were alive. If I look at it from there it becomes clear that when death hits, at that instant all time will pass and the end will come to all. From the perspective of the one dieing the universe will end, and we will all be together. So some may say its a sad way to see things, but I think its kind of nice. 



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