A love that lasts a lifetime

How many people do you know that are doing what their set out to do when they first became aware. I played football and other sports as a kid but the guitar was there first. The guitar and music were my first real interest outside the normal spiritual ans physical act of living. I was very interested in nature before I was even 1 year old I was already conversing about the way that everything is connected, related to all else, everything that is and will be. But music was the first intellectual pursuit, and it started when I was 2 or 3 when I remember listening to music and seeing my dad “Pat Sr” play guitar and sing. I began to emulate him and the radio by strumming guitars or any stringed interment, or tennis racquet. I got my first guitar(a 53 Fender Musicmaster) around 1st grade, it was love at first sight. Playing on the other hand, now that was hard work. Hours and hours became years and years became decades, and still it is tough. There is always more to learn. At one point it becomes not what you can and cant play, it changes into play it good, whatever it is, play it good. The stress of being something, some guitar god melted away and the truth was clear. Music is the highest high and the lowest low, it is the rhythms and sounds of life, its the way I express myself the best, its the thing that makes my world go round. Thank you for everything you do for me. I hope I will do right by you. You save my life everyday. I love you, Music........

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