2020 is the most important election in years

Warren or Bernie are the winners. what are all those other ones doing up there? Man if Warren and Bernie joined there campaigns (Sanders/Warren or Warren/Sanders) they would be unstoppable. So if that doesn't happen then the dems have to be trying to lose just like 2016. Medicare for all is a no brainer. Of Course M4A is the way forward. Its cheaper with better outcomes. Green New Deal too. The Greedy SOB's in the GOP will destroy everything in the pursuit of wealth. There is 1 more thing. Biden. Man that dude is so old. He is out of it and out of touch. Just remember who owns the media, the GOP, the Corporate Dems, and the POTUS. The very few super rich crooks that our country has become so enamored of. While the few live it up the many suffer indefinitely with no way to better their lives. Yet still the masses worship wealth and the wealthy. While claiming the Christ they bow before their golden cow(orange anyway). all week long worshiping Trump and blaming the poor then going to their christian church services on sunday. Its time for progress. Lets make the "Yuppies" a thing of the past. Lets take a stand and make the change. lets give everyone a chance to live upto the full potential of their lives.

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