14 Billion Years

For some reason there is a lot of mystery around death and what its like when you are dead. Will we feel time pass, or is there a heaven? Now i don't claim to know, but I was dead for 14 billion years and i can say from that experience that i did not notice time passing, feel, or think anything till my first thought. floating in the womb i remember wiggling my toes, the feeling was calming, even pleasurable maybe. Later i remember wiggling fingers, i think it was later due to my toes forming earlier than my fingers, that’s how developed i was when i started being. So all the time since the beginning passed in an instant before that thought. Now why would i believe it to be any different after i die? It was not that long ago and my memory is quite clear. Do you remember your first thought? You have been there to. Did you feel time passing before life, when you were dead? So now when i die everything that will ever happen will and the universe will come to an end. Or will it???

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