Wow!! That's how it is done!!

We are always looking for reasons. Reasons for this life and the hope that goes with it. As long as things make sense everything is O.K but as soon as something unexplained comes up we go head over heals. Fear of the things we don't understand can drive us to some very crazy ends. When all of us want the same basic things, yet separated by our views we are left to struggle through alone. When we come to a fork in the road we are most likely to take the familiar rout. When a fork in the road is the difference between life and death, then what do we do? Will the path be recognizable? How do you know the way forward is not the short path to a terrible end? How is it that political/religious convictions can be so narrow? When most will gladly fight (kill/die) for them, but never take the time to study/question, learn/discover their precious beliefs (Faith). Faith is not blind obedience. It is trusting your and your philosophy enough to truly understand it. Other wise your "Faith" is just ignorance. 

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