Wow it's time for

We need a big change in the way we deal with each other. It seems that in rewarding greed and blowing up the rich in to gods, We have left the people that matter the people that live in the real world out to dry.  For some reason we treat rich people like they are special or even better than us. Even though they are rich, they are constantly given things for free, yet if you get something for free your a slacker , or a taker. A real anti-poor attitude is prevalent in our society, even though we are all pretty much poor. There are  some real screwed up and very hateful people out there, people that vote republican that make less than 6 figures. And the Dems ain’t much better. Constant catering to the rich has caused a loss of any balls they may have once been perceived to have had. So as the election gets closer I have to wonder how they will mess it up (probably on purpose like in 2000) so a extremely far right asshole can be the next president.

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