Why Why Why

What ever became of the idea of being involved in something? It seems like no one has the time or need to just have fun together. Whether it be sports, a club, or a band. Actual social interaction has been getting more and more convoluted by egos and image that nobody can take criticism or even the slightest suggestion. It goes strait to " don’t tell me what to play, I play what i feel" Well you will never progress if you cant see your flaws and why spend your time figuring out what someone else already done the work. Learning a good attitude toward learning is something the schools don’t teach. You must be open to suggestion but you don’t have to be a robot. There is so many way to play any piece of music but you have to serve the song. You are not there to serve your ego. It has been so tough getting the band together. I really need a drummer that is willing to learn. I have 20+ original songs and am dying to record them. I am a good drummer but I want to record mostly live and besides we need a drummer for the shows. Do people still work on music together? Its like pulling teeth to get a band going. Anyway Cory and I are still rocking. 

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