Why ask Why??

More and more these days i am noticing a pattern to the way people treat each other that seems contrary to the common good, making things worse across the board. There is a very hateful and quite cynical way of being that cuts off normal social interaction and leads to arguments and in the extreme results in violence. We seem to have lost the hope we had for change and in doing so we have turned to the things that have caused the problem, precipitating the decadence of society and the ruin of the dissociated communities which we come from. Our grandparents were very social. Clubs, groups were the norm. Now a club or group could be misconstrue as a gang or cult, new laws discourage people from forming, joining any organizations. To top all of it off we have the internet. People off in their own little worlds. Each of them in a fantasy life where they can be and say things they cant in the real world. You can share ideas so much easier, but will they fall on deaf ears. In this day of fast information how do we stop and smell the roses? And in the world of personal entertainment and cut to order news can we be unbiased in our ideas?

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