Who's in-charge here?

When you look in to the eyes of any animal what do you see? I see another person, another mind thinking, feeling, and looking back at me. So how is it that we are taught that we are superior, the we are “the only feeling animal” ? The ability to empathize to feel others pain is an ability that seems lost on some. The type of person that can't understand or accept other people, other ways, or anything different may also be compelled to become a politician, public “servant”, or some other position power, even to go as far as to kill or hurt others. Taking the next step to total control of another person. Being your brothers keeper is not a good place for us to have these sick, unfeeling, overreaching power mongers. Why is it that we have created a world where the bad get rewarded and the good get stomped on? Why would we keep putting our lives in the hands of sociopaths? Poor people supporting the same rich people that have been walking allover their backs. How would a rich guy know whats best for us? I don't think any of those sick old men in the senate have any idea what's really going on or what its like to live in our country or the world. Handing our rights to “the man” on a silver platter for him to devour. Corporations are people under the law too. Yet they can't feel anything so empathy is out of the picture. What do yo think happens when you give corporations that much breathing room? They will do all manner of evil to attain the fiscal goals in their projections for the next quarter. Now does the sound like a living person to you? And giving over our home, our planet to greedy undead corporate Frankensteins can only go one way, and that’s down...........

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