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How is it that people become so diluted, so apt to do the things we find most inexcusable, and then find it so easy to warp  our perception , denying the things that we know and feel to be right and good in order to rationalize are actions? Is it a choice? Is it necessity? Or is it just life? People fall repeatedly into the cycles, those cycles of continual and massive failure of the "moral standards" the "moral structure" we have formed threw thousands of years of human behavior. You would think with the years of 'progress" that the way we live would have gotten better, more fail, purer, a distillation of good ideas and practices resulting in a better world. But this is not the case the distillate we have ended up with is quite the opposite, a purification of the greed and hate and society focused on destruction and waist. How do we sleep at night? We are all part of it, part to blame for the ultimate failure of our system and our failure to ourselves for being lazy, or dishonest, or just plain stupid. None the less hope is not dashed and there is most definitely a chance, a chance for us all to turn our lives and in turn our world into something better for all not just some.....

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  • Natasha


    People suck and always will!!!there is no possible change!!

    People suck and always will!!!there is no possible change!!

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