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Where does this great and ever widening disdain for original thought come from? Why are people so resistant toward anything different? Change is and will be the one thing you can count on. Even if its just varying degrees of the same it is still change. To hold on to some imaginary view of the past and to blindly ignore and subvert change and true progress is one of our most destructive tendencies. If you close you eye's and ears, and pretend everything is alright the world still goes on and the pain and suffering grow, and the movement towards change is short one more soul.. one more person that could be helping instead of being part of the problem. Just cause you arent personally burning the rain forest, dumping oil in the gulf, or fracturing the bed rock beneath our feet, if you haven’t cut your ties to the destruction then you are just as culpable. So that is well, all of us. Its original thought that will save us from ruin. The idea's that will make the difference are often “brushed under the rug” by the powers that be. Suppressing idea's , tech, meds, all kind of avenues we could have taken to end the all the suffering and put an end to the rape of the planet. Cures are not where the money is. The money is in treatment. So they go on treating instead of curing to make a buck. Just like the electric car. The suppression of the vapor cigarette is one that is very close to my chest. I smoked for 20 years then quit no problem by using vapor. It took a month of so of using the vapor and that was it, no more nicotine, smoke or vapor. Looking back I know that I would have quit smoking year back if I had vapor as an option. Opening up to new ideas can be tough for some, but if it is let me tell you,”its worth the risk. Think for yourself.” Thanks again: Sal'tripin 

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