Wealth worship and blaming the poor 

the gop is squashing small businesses while giving the super rich billion in handouts and tax breaks(socialism for the rich)... they suck!!! they are against everything america was supposedly about (liberty)... they hate individual freedom and have bloated the fed to gargantuan proportions to "police" the poor of the world while giving the huge multi-nationals free reign at polluting our land, air, and water. the gop is the party of the elite. not the elite that fuax news nutzz cry about. the intellectual elite(smart people) but the true crooks the true elitists are the super rich, the very few(the elite). hell there is nothing wrong with making a lot of money but billions is more than a lot when there are so many going without.. and people like trump that have money all over the globe have no loyalty to america. they are only loyal to greed. So start a boycott(cancel culture something the phonies on the right complain about) for all i care. you are only hurting yourself and the ones you love while padding the pockets of people that are working against your interests. Wealth worship and blaming the poor are sins and it the gop party line. and the way to ruin for us all...sad

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