We are the Champs

Income inequality has never been so extreme, making a buck never so hard, and music has lost its monetary value so it is extra hard to get by as a musician. Being able to afford to live is hard enough. Trying to make the bills and run a band has become nearly impossible. Even with recording costs at all-time lows. I have not been able to afford to make a record and have been trying for decades. At that we are going to finally get it together. It may take time but we are saving up and looking for financing, so it will happen. The more we have been putting in the more that we have been getting out. So it is on track. Its just that we are poor and starting at zero. I have been able to upload some of our demo tunes and have gotten a great response from all over the world, but the recordings are pretty bad

and Sal'tripin could be doing so much better given better recordings. The faith I have in the band is strong and I am sure we will be able to do it to the max, pushing the boundaries of rock music, art and business. Making Sal'tripin “the band” you have to follow!!

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