Vote for mail should be in all the states!!!! 

We have been voting by mail for years here in RED Utah.... Utah sucks because of all the intrusion the "Government" makes into your life but we do get to vote. Hell i didn't vote till i was in my late 30s and it was vote by mail that got me involved. I took civics and i know voting is important. Still it has never mattered who i vote for POTUS. That vote doesn't really count for most of us, thanks to the Electoral College. It is the smaller issues, the "down ballot" issues and offices that at least kind of count. Like the recent vote for "legal weed" in Utah we voted 52.7% and it passed. What happened to that? Well. HB3001. Them HB3001 turned into SB1002 is what happend. And after various lawsuits...Well, beats me..... Heck it was just for "Medical Weed" and i cant see a doctor for the immediate life threatening issues i face daily. But without that public election nobody would know that the citizens voted and the state did something else. They will know that our "elected" officials were liar for the rest of human history, and with the numbers to prove it.... So go out and vote or if your lucky mail it in. Stand and be counted. That is the smallest act in the actual act of being a member of the human race in this place we call "America"..... Vote for mail should be in all the states!!!!

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