Trump is an authoritarian a-shole!! Authoritarianism is for wimps. 

Trump is an authoritarian a-shole!! Authoritarianism is for wimps.... The right is always crying deregulate while trying to regulate who you marry/love, what you eat/smoke, and what god you worship/get high in the presence of... Bill Barr enforces Trumps wants and ignores the law ... He is representing a sociopathic, narcissist, liar that does only for the greedy and powerful while killing massive amounts of american citizens. THe tax breaks and handouts the tax write offs, and the back room deals have ruined the american economy. With higher production rates than ever and wages stuck in the starve you ass off range the executives are making more that ever. The massive bonuses and exorbitant salaries combined with unprecedented waste the system is about to explode. With right wing nutz crying that the democrats want a civil war and that BLM are trying to take over the USA its becoming aware to many that they want war and suffering as long as it makes the few even more money and sures up their hold on power for a little longer. THey are a small minority and have been over counted and over represented for decades. Most people are not Democrats or Republicans. They are most definitely not down for any kind of war. Democrats are anti fascist because they are anti violence and anti authoritarian and dont want a war either. It is the flag waving, hate mongering, anti-choice, anti-life, pro-lie party that loves war and violence. They cry about the extreme left when there is none. The lefties were jailed and deported from the land of the "free" in the 50s and has never came back. The Democrats are all trickle down. law and order, small government party the republican were in the 70s-80s. They have no stomach for wealth redistribution or civil liberties. The moneyed few are running this country down like corporate raiders they selling short america and profiting off the demise of america and the freedom it embodies.... This socialism for the rich and dog eat dog for he rest is not the america of our Constitution. Crony capitalism is undermining the system and it will not take long. To survive the coming century humankind must stop with all the destruction and learn to live in peace with all of nature and begin to clean up the messes we have already made. We must also address population, the overcrowding and overpopulation that make any chance for a new better approach imposible. The wealth worship and idolatry have tricked many. The racists are doing exactly what the few super rich want and blaming other poor folk for the crimes of the super wealthy.. Beat the Rich!!!!

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