Trump is a globalist traitor!  

Trump is a globalist traitor! He cares nothing for America. He said "take their guns then worry about the law" ya'll trumpers are idiots. I cant wait till we get to start the denazification and teach you all a lesson about were the power truly lies. and its not with you precious "job creators" its with we the people not the few super rich that ya'll worship. Wealth worship is a sin! So have fun burning in hell. We will be on earth feeling a different kind of burn. The healthcare is a human right burn. The living wage for a days work burn. The freedom and liberty to be yourself as long as you dont cause harm burn. The no more racist assholes running the show burn. My grandads shot nazis in ww2 and i am so envious of them. Your GOP works against your own good and you dont even know it. I say Hang them all the republicans and the corporate dems. they are traitors to the people and the people are the government not the few super rich "donors" and giant multi national corporations.. Look in to thing dont just trust the shills on faux new or cnn. and your precious info wars is like faux news just what its name implies a war on info, or in english info wars are liars. what a bunch of gullible fools. well keep sucking off your rich masters it seems to be working great....sad

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