TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS DOESN'T WORK!!!!! Its been proven. Alan Greenspan cried in front of congress, admitting "they were wrong" and that "trickle down doesnt work" I paraphrase... It has failed and failed over and over again and again for millions of americans. The republican trickle down has made fewer people get more and more people get less. Outrageously high prices and low pay make rich people richer and poor people sicker and hungrier. The idea of a better world has been left asunder and replaced with weath worship and idolatry. The response from the republicans "they earned it" or "its the immigrants fault" disregarding the truth of the matter. People are suffering so a very small number of very rich people can be rich. All the tax money that goes straight into the bank accounts of the few is ours. The republicans and corporate dems have given hundreds of billions even trillions of dollars in tax breaks and direct handouts to the few while coronavirus burns its way through our communities. Still the senate cant do its job. The claws of the few are so deep in their scalps that the republican senators are going to leave millions of tax paying citizens to fend for themselves while them and their rich masters make a killing, in more way than one....

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