The rise of death treats and the right 

0% of that hate mail and death treats are from "lefties" The rightwing elitist nutzz are prone to violence.. Elitism or republicanism imply that there are special people that are smarter and they are "deserving" or they are "ordained" to rule over us. And the way to tell if they are special is their monetary worth or perceived material worth... In other words they think the rich are supposed to be our rulers due to market forces or natural selection. But this does not take into consideration that fact that almost all the worlds resources are "owned" by the same approximate 250 families that have "owned" everything since before any of us were even alive. The rightwing works for those few and not we the people. For a republican thats fine, i guess... But it has hurt america and may even destroy it.. The super rich don't care. Their wealth will out live countries. Why wouldn't it? It was here before america. The few are only loyal to their own. Greed is their country. Their greed is what millions fight and die for. "All created equal' is what it says but what is done is much different. Idolatry and wealth worship. Racism and prideful ignorance. The closed minded backward and downright un-american way in which the republicans and corporate dems operate is going to ruin it for everyone. All for the few. That's a real shame......Sad.....All that hate and violence just to enforce the will of the few.

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