The Riches of ...........

Doesn’t it seem like mankind has always made the wrong choices? What we call progress is destroying the planet. Greed and hate drive us, and that is not a good path to take. Greed actually makes it so you will lose money, in the long run. The common business practices of the day are not going to make things better, they are only concerned with fast profits and easy money. Easy money is something everyone wishes for but when we get it it has been known to turn peoples lives upside down. People that win large sums of money are more likely to end up screwed and in dire straits. A perfectly fine existence as a poor man could be ruined by a windfall of money, enabling a myriad of bad choices both fiscal and personal. Money will not fix your life. You are the only one that can help yourself be a better person and to succeed at anything you want. Don’t think that getting rich is the answer to all your problems because you will find the more you have the more you lose..

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