The Power

What is it about power that allows some people to justify acts of the most heinous? We are constantly blaming forces beyond our control or each other for the state of things. Meanwhile the powers that be fill their banks with our blood, sweat, and tears. While claims that we need to be controlled that we need government ring out like bells ”alarm bells” from those whom enjoy very little regulation. They have very little accountability and constantly campaign for less, under the guise that we need more laws and they need more protection from it. They want even less accountability. It seems like a politician thinks that in order to be a success they must introduce and pass more laws. We don’t need more laws, the current state of law in the world is scary. overreach is the norm. Militarized gangs of cops policing for profit. The system stretched to the max  just to pay for itself, policing to pay for policing. We pay a large amount in lost dignity and trampled rights just so the few can rule over the many. It is inherent in politicians and gov types to be of a lesser ilk and to have lower standards for morality and be quicker to violence and hate than a normal everyday citizens. It's part of the job to be party and to do to all manner of antisocial inhuman acts. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Using a crutch to make it ok to do things we know are bad is getting to be ubiquitous throughout our society, it seems like everyone has some kind of excuse for everything, the dog ate it, i ran out of gas, i was never given things others had, But what is their excuse, what is the rich power elite telling itself to excuse itself for all the blood and guts? Does money absolve them of their sins?

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