The Need for Need

Piles and piles, more than you can imagine, enough to feed the world. That’s how much food is wasted daily. And how is it that the current system that throws out more food than it sells keep it up? How is a burger from a hundred cow from all over the earth cost less than one from a cow down the street? When the food industry is regulated by the FDA with is really just a front to subvert the constitution and regulate your own sovereignty. And food manufacturers are like drug cartels, pushing there low quality wares. Some of the food additives are so totally insane, like extracting beaver and musk rat musk and putting it in food. Some of the techniques McDonald uses like soaking leftover parts of the cow( usually sick cows cause that’s cheaper) in sodium hydroxide. Some dog food producers use that technique but its bottom of the barrel and is frowned on by most. Some people call from deregulation of industry. Well industry is peaty well unregulated its us, our personal lives that are over regulated. The current system is run so far afoul of anything close to good business practice that it will fail. I don’t claim to know when. I am sure it wont be long.

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  • pat

    pat ut

    How did they figure that out? A beaver ass never looks appetizing.

    How did they figure that out? A beaver ass never looks appetizing.

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