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It sure seems easy these days to blame the other guy or some inanimate object for our own sins. Turning anything and everything into a crutch and constantly being the victim are the new American way. Beset on all sides by people that say we must end our destructive binge of gluttony and greed which has driven our society to the edge of ruin. Blame is a lot easier than responsibility. Each of us are to blame for the state of things. Every action spreads out far beyond the view of any one of us. Just like nothing works if we all don’t do are part, we are all to share in the rewards and losses that will inevitably occur. Once we all take that first step towards being a true individual, and at the same time realize that we are all strongly tied to one another. In a way we are all one and if one of us suffer we all suffer. Some would have you believe that they are free to do anything to make a buck, even though history has shown time and time again that greed and waste go hand in hand with decadence and the downward spiral of of culture, system that is broken and in its death-throws become dangerous and violent, not only to its neighbors but to its own. In this fascist right wing world where they claim to hate “big gov.” yet build huge police, armies, and bureaucracies on bureaucracies, where nobody goes anywhere without big brother to hold his hand. Incapable to take responsibility for the terrible things that are done for our way of life to go on like this destroying all that is good. We will find very quickly that life doesn’t work like this and if a very big, very drastic change doesn't happen soon then we will have killed our only chance for any sort of human race and a lot of other life on this planet.

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